Sunday, June 27, 2010

48 hours

It's so surreal. In (hopefully) less than 48 hours Beth and I will be parents to a little girl we've decided to name Eleanor. Anyone who's been anywhere near me for the past 38 weeks knows that I am SUPER excited! As I sit here procrastinating ALL of the last minute things that I SHOULD be doing, I am excited, nervous, anxious, emotional, and exhausted...and she's not even here yet. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that nothing in life up to this point can compare to the emotions that one experiences when preparing to be a parent. LOTS of my friends have had babies (I am 33 after all), and I have cherished going to visit them in the hospital and holding their new bundle of joys, sometimes just hours old. But, wow, how different is this?!?

There are so many emotions, and so many things that need to be said. So many things I hope for her; and so many prayers prayed on her behalf already. There are so many ABSOLUTELY wonderful family and friends that have brought me to this point.

We are the sum of our experiences. I am blessed beyond measure to have had parents that very rarely told me "no" and found ways to make sure that I had all the experiences that kids should have. My teachers have helped to mold me and taught me how to learn. No way would I sit here today without them. I have faith GIANTS that have shown me who God is and how much he loves me despite how little I deserve it. And I am thankful for the prayers, love, and constant encouragement they have provided and continue to provide.

I pray that I can do half as right by Eleanor. I know she will be loved. I know I will make mistakes. I hope that I can embarrass her as much as some have embarrassed me. ;-)

So the clock ticks. And life. will. never. be. the. same.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day of mixed feelings

Is it just me or does it seem as though life if schizophrenic. Maybe Bipolar. It can never just be one way.

We learned yesterday that my grandmother has cancer. She turns 89 next month and I'm not sure what choices she will make.

Today, we are in Houston where our beloved friends are throwing us a baby shower for Eleanor Scout, who is due to make her arrival on or around July 12th. According to the ultrasound, she is on track to weigh 8-8.5 pounds.

So we weep and we celebrate. And this schizophrenic life continues.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Blog. New Chapter.

So, I've done it. I've started a new blog. My first blog, "Ramblings of a Med/Peds Resident" actually started almost 5 years ago as I was finishing medical school and beginning a 4 year residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics. Well, that chapter of my life ended June 30, 2009, and I really have neglected that blog since.

--My wife and I moved to Lubbock July 10, 2009 and I began working for Covenant Medical Group September 1st. The last 8 months have seen so many changes in our lives.

--I started work, but not before I changed game plans...slightly. (More on this in a minute)

--Beth became pregnant and we are expecting our first child, a little girl, on our around July 12th.

--Beth spent the first 15 weeks of the pregnancy REALLY sick and even got to take a trip to the ER on the Friday after Thanksgiving (while I was admitting patients in the rooms around her, no less)

Beth found us a really great rent house online that would hold all of our stuff and we placed the deposit site-unseen. My Mom saw it first, and apparently, the 4 college kids living there had done a number on the place. Our landlord, however, was GREAT!! He cleaned the place up, replaced some carpet, and remodeled one of the bathrooms. Before Beth got pregnant, we were talking about staying there for 2 years.

HOWEVER, she was SO sick for almost 4 months, that a few weeks after her visit to the ER, she looks at me and says, "We're moving."

She began associating the rent house with her early pregnancy sickness. NOT that the rent house was MAKING her sick...but it was guilt by association.

So we began looking for a house of our own.

We met Cheryl Isaacs lsat year when we still lived in Houston and came to Lubbock looking for a place. The problem was, the bank wanted me to have my first paycheck BEFORE we closed on the house. Well, moving in July, starting in September, meant the first paycheck came October 1. So that's why we decided to rent, thinking we would stay put for 12 months, maybe longer.

Well, I've been wrong before.

Anyway, we called Cheryl and told her we were ready to look again. We TRIED to look one Wednesday morning in late January. However, it started raining early that morning and by the time we got her office, it was snowing. By the time we left her office 45 minutes later, the roads were NOT safe and we turned around went home.

We tried again that Saturday and found our home. It was built by Jordan Wheatley and he had been AMAZING as a builder. We are truly blessed to have found this home. We originally wanted to close towards the end of March, but Jordan asked that we close March 1.

It's funny, I had already planned to attend a medical conference in Boston March 2-7. So we closed on our new home on Monday the 1st, and left for Boston on the second.

We came home on Sunday the 7th and began packing because the movers were coming on Wednesday.

Well, it's now Sunday, March 14, 2010 and we are IN our new home!! My mom has been a HUGE help getting us unboxed and even cleaned the rent house. Beth has really been a trooper, but there's only so much a 22 week pregnant woman can do (not made easier by the fact that her Dr. put her on lifting in NONE).

Here are a few pictures:

So, now it's back to work (thank goodness...I'm TIRED!!!)

There is a story about what I am ACTUALLY doing career-wise, but I will save that for another post (soon, I hope).

Thanks for reading.